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Vans and Trucks


We understand that different users of commercial vehicles have different needs from the upholstery. Some need an easy wipe down, some need minimal sweat and for others it’s all about the style. We can cover your seats in vinyl, leather or fabric and can also offer many different styling options including diamond quilting, embroidery and embossing.


If you’re doing a full kit out of a van or restoring a vintage truck, let Trim Workshops take care of the upholstery for you.

Minibuses, single deckers and double deckers

Veteran & vintage restoration

Executive hire, tour bus & party bus conversion projects

Lounges & sleeping compartments

Covering in leather, vinyl, moquette & other fabrics

Taxis & Limousines

We recognise that client expectations of your vehicle are sometimes greater than their respect for your vehicle.  We also understand that time off the road potentially means lost revenue.


At Trim Workshops we offer small upholstery repairs and replacement seat sections usually within a few hours.


Alternatively, if you want to give your upholstery a makeover, we can do a full re-trim for you - but that takes a little longer!

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